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Bio & CV

Wookyung . SON
born in Seoul, Korea
Musashino Art University, Tokyo
  -department of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Work Experience
video art  
korean traditional dance

video works
1.2004.11 [Institute of Environmental Art and Design]
               at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
                   title [manhole]

2.2004.11  [Musashino Art University festival ] 
               at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
 title [pinhole camera- self portrait]

3.2005.6 [Traversing Territories:領域の行き]
             at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)

 title [circle]

4.2005.10 [Musashino Art University festival ] 
               at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
 title 「matisse」 

5.2005.10 [Promotion production exhibition]
             at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
title[breath] five screen

6.2005.12 [Promotion production exhibition Selection work exhibition] 
             at Musashino Art University  Tokyo Satellite (shinzuku, Tokyo)
  title[breath] one screen

7.2006.4  [OPAQUE Marunouchi video exhibition in store]
             at  Marunouchi,tokyo 
               title[breath] nine screen
8.2006.7 [Image  fenomenan, New area exhibition of image]
            at  Higashiyamato-shi humming hall underground parking lot ,tokyo
title[breath] five screen

9.2007.7    [ Musashino Art University  open campus]
             at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo) 
title [interior]

10.2007.7 [DISLOCATE07] 
         at Koiwa project art space   
title [circle of life]
11.2007.8 [ASK?Film festival 2007] 
             at  Art Space Kimura ASK? ,Tokyo


12.2007.11[Mino Film festival 2007]
        at  Minoo, Osaka

physical works
* performance
1.1995  [Kaywon School of Art and Desin Performance Festival]
            at Kaywon School of Art and Desin ,Seoul
           作品「 ball 」    
2.1995   [Uiwang City Performance  Festival]
           at   Uiwang City, Korea      
3. 2005.10 [Musashino Art University festival ]
               at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
4.2006.3.18[International Art Media Performance  festival]
               at Kyoto University (Kyoto)
5.2006  [Musashino Art University open campus]
             at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
title[contradition of daily life]
               [DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY for Performing Arts]
               by DMJ( YCAM + Refined Colors
              at Motishita Studio (Morishita,Tokyo)
title[dance of light]
7.2007.5.27 [bend++ we always orchestra/we never orchestra]」
                at Aoi-Heya (Shibuya, Tokyo)
title [beded gums+bened bottles]

8.2007.6.17  [ MAMUSKA TOKYO ] 
                   at Asahi Art Square(asakusa,Tokyo)   
title [beded gums+bened bottles]

9.2007.7.3  [ Traversing Territories  2007]   
                at Musashino Art University (Kodaira, Tokyo)
 title [beded gums+bened bottles]

10.2007.7.4 [ Traversing Territories  2007]   
                 at Super-Deluxe (Roppongi, Tokyo)
                title [beded gums+bened bottles]
11,2007.7.24 [DISLOCATE07] Opening Event
                 at Koiwa project art space   
title [circle of life]

12.2007.7.29 [DISLOCATE07]                                    
                 symposium and workshop Live Performance
                 at ZAIM –theatre(Yokohama)
                   title [beded gums+bened bottles]



* A work introduction
 It is the work which projected a body, nature and the scenery of the city on the circle.
 I assumed ice, a mirror, the bottom of the PET bottle an imager and a filter and created abstraction with the device, the world that, therefore, was new of the catabolism phenomenon.

*Production intention
 A circle is a dot, and it is space, and it is universal. I felt one's existence in the circle. I am a point, too, and it is space, and it is universal. Oneself whom there is in a circle feels lonely. Oneself whom there is forth is afraid. In addition, I who have a ring from late Grandmother do not want to forget importance to the life (existence). The thing which I want to express with a circle is a thing called the existence. I thought that it was a circle to express the existence well. As for the circle, the center absorbs me like a whirlpool. The circle resembles the ring which I always have. The form of the circle stabilizes oneself.
However, the circle may have come out to contradiction because I was not stability-like. I think that it is because a dot in the depths of my heart is unstable.
I want to support an uneasy heart through circle having the center well.  
I made a work as a motif with a circle so far.
I took a round thing and gathered you and made a work since I was interested in a circle. I changed a circle into work to give in things from the work this time. The reason is because I take good care of the center and the box which are the nature of circle. circle lets you image the earth. I want to make my world by giving things which oneself took round order. In other words the circle is a device changing daily life and nature or environment in my world.
 In the possibility of the abstraction picture, I discover how long daily life and the world projected on the circle lead to expression. I make use of the center and the siege of the characteristic that circle has. For example, I pursue the photography expression of a three-dimensional screen, the photography expression of a divided screen, a human being and pictorial expression of the scenery. I study how a three-dimensional impression and screen separation, the pictorial expression are possible by photography. I try space, the division of time by the solid of the human body.  I tie this experiment to expression.
* An expression theme
 Celebration  of  Life    
 The world to circulate through.   
 The infinite affirmation of the life.
  Is infinite with a circle、 the infinity of the circle,  an infinite circle 
  circle of  eternity   The world of the eternity
  circle of  infinity  ∞
* An experiment theme
1. "The human body" and "a circle"   
2. "Space" and "a circle"
3. "Time" and "a circle"
4.  Filter production
5.  An imager study

* A photography object                 
1. The expression of the human body       
  ① The human body by the everyday life
      (A person of  the work, the person who exercise)     
  ② A dancer or one's physical expression     1. "The human body"and“a circle"  
2. Expression of the space
  ① In nature  
  ② In a building  
  ③ A city     2. "Space" and "a circle"

3. Expression of time(I express memory)     
  ① It is a retake with a film projector or a monitor   
      with the thing which I photographed
  ② Morning, noon, the change of the place by the
  ③ The change of the place by the date

    3. "Time" and "a circle"

* A photography method
1. PET bottle

2. A mirror

3. Ice

4. Water
    4. Filter production

5. An imager study

5. An imager study

5. An imager study  

* The material of the subject
The sky, the sea, a river, a forest, the scenery of the town, labor, sports (baseball, tennis, soccer…), a dance, a big city, a crowd, a night view (a city), space, the moon…………

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